Standards & Safety


logo_ce GPA helmets are certified according to the UTAC/CRITT 04/2015 protocol and therefore are conform with the safety requirements of personal protection equipement according to the 89/686/CEE directive from the December 21st 1989

logo_astmASTM : official mandatory standard ASTM F1163 - 2015

safety-equipment-institute small SEI : Optional safety standard/kite mark with more stringent requirements. The SEI is a USA product, SEI has an alliance with INSPEC International, Ltd., a notified body located in the UK and provides a service quality certification mark which is owned and operated by The Safety Equipment Institiute (SEI Group). The SEI is most frequently used to identify products where safety is paramount.

The Approval Tests

In order to obtain full official certification, the GPA helmets must successively undergo a series of tests. Explanations :

Objective : to verify the even distribution of the shockwave in order to limit the risks of traumatism.

The GPA response : the helmet’s outer shell absorbs and distributes the impact of the shockwave around the inner lining of the helmet

Objective :to verify that a sharp object will not pierce the helmet

The GPA response the helmet’s outer shell ensures the maximum of resistance thanks to the use of highly resistant materials (e.g. carbon is 11 times more solid than steel). The inner shell lining also plays a role in absorbing the shockwave

Objective : to verify that the helmet stays on in the event of a fall and that the harness strap system is not too long.

The GPA response the helmet’s harness strap system is anchored by 4 rivets and uses a self-locking buckle (Dual-Lock).

Objective : to verify the flexibility of the visor to prevent nasal fracture in the event of a fall

The GPA response the visors of the helmets are flexible, and some models even propose a visor that will detach in a fall

The GPA requirements are so demanding that the results of the helmet tests are on average 20% higher than the results recommended by the standard. GPA also has private tests carried out by the leading Italian laboratories to ensure your optimum safety.
GPA specific features

The specific technical feature of the GPA helmets is the creation of 3 outer shell sizes and 6 different sizes of inner head liners to ensure the helmet’s best retention and a level of comfort adapted to each head size. In order to best meet the safety requirements, GPA has not hesitated to invest in research and development and has chosen the best manufacturers of materials. By relying only on quality brands recognised for their performance, GPA thus guarantees that its products are based on the highest level of research and cutting-edge technology.


 GPA relies on a network of professional riders, each of whom tests the new products and advises the GPA technical teams on how to optimise them.

 In order to improve our quality approach and contribute to our efforts in research and development, the professional riders intervene in the following areas:

  • Choice of textiles and materials
  • fit of the helmet on the head in the different sports
  • Ventilation, airing
  • Comfort
  • Coating

Before our models appear on the market, the prototypes are tested in real riding situations by the best world-class riders, thus providing a genuine guarantee of satisfaction and reliability for each rider..